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Dual Cream Highlighter Eyeshadow Stick

Dual Cream Highlighter Eyeshadow Stick

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Simply smudge it on! This multitasking 2-in-1 eyeshadow stick delivers both easy application and high-definition, long-lasting colors for both eyeshadow and cream highlighter. You can pack it in your purse and have multiple makeup needs covered at once. It features a pearlescent finish and delivers a silky effect that glide seamlessly onto lids and blends beautifully.

Available in 8 color combos.

Color #01 Violet Purple + Pastel Pink

Color #02 Starlight Gold + Soft Nude

Color #03 Rosy Coral + Pearl White

Color #04 Light Gold + Pearl White

Color #05 Light Brown + Pearl White

Color #06 Light Gold + Rosy Pink

Color #07 Reddish Orange + Warm Beige

Color #08 Coral Bronze + Ivory Cream

How to apply:

As a shadow:

-Use the shadow side to fill in your upper eyelids and create desired shape.

-After applying it on the eyelid, quickly smudge it out using a brush or fingertip.

-Blend the shadow up and out, fade it into the crease.

As a highlighter:

Apply the lighter shade to highlight inner corners of eyes and brow bone.


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