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Mousse Velvet Silky Lipstick

Mousse Velvet Silky Lipstick

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Mist silky "portable scheming" small square tube
Small and radiant under the refraction of micro-pearl
The mousse is smooth and light and not heavy

Five shades, there is always one for you.

  • M01 Evening Cherry

Low-saturated light orange is suitable for a date with a romantic cherry blossom

  • M02 Squishy Tomatoes

Orange-toned tomato color is full of aura

  • M03 Red Tea After Rain

Red tea and orange tones, cool and sweet

  • M04 Amber Sweet Hazel

Temperament brick color atmosphere high sense

  • M05 Rum Maple Syrup

Maple leaf reddish-brown tone is rich and outstanding

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