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ZEESEA Picasso lipstick is so amazing, cheap and easy to use, comparable to big brands

Some of ZEESEA's latest series of products seem to be online. This time, the lipstick dress is very delicate and has a strong sense of design. It uses Picasso's paintings as the packaging, which is trendy and bold. A lot of efforts have been made in the packaging of their own products. In this regard, Zise is definitely the light of domestic products.

On the paste, the pattern is boldly designed. Although it is a simple pattern, it is very unique and the appearance is very delicate. Although the products of the color are very cheap, the quality is not bad at all. The lipstick of the peso is moist and not dry , does not appear lip wrinkles, and the lipstick is very saturated and can control dark and light lip colors.

Is this really not a work of art? Picasso's lipstick really surprised me. It's cheap and easy to use. It is definitely a domestic light. Today, I will introduce all the colors to you separately.


The water is soft, the pumpkin is red, with an orange flavor, it can be applied thinly, and the mouth is playful and lively, this is a lipstick of tens of yen, the mouth is very white, and you can definitely buy yellow women, because The face is very white, and the teeth look very white, so you can go out with a thin coat of plain makeup, and your complexion is very good.


The thick chocolate is black tea color, which is specially used by my sister. The mouth is very bold. The nature of the semi-cushion is super high-end, which can completely match the cheap red number of the big brand. The thickly painted lady is both cold and gorgeous. It's a very feminine lipstick.


This is really great, the glittering cream seems to be sprinkled with diamonds on the body, and the engraving is also very particular, I think the brand is of course the brand lipstick, the mouth above is the red of the soft persimmon, the water tone is more obvious, and the soft flooding, Very girly! This lipstick really needs girly, invincible age, and it works well on fried foods.


Who loves sweet orange juice? The mouth is really super healthy, there is nothing to say about reducing age, the orange tone is full of dynamic, super cute, the moist texture is very suitable for summer, the price is also cheap, and it is very convenient to use, ZEESEA is really a domestic product!


The mocha color of the warm peach is the natural color of the sister next door. The brown bean paste color is gentle and intellectual. When I opened my mouth, I was startled. When I opened my mouth, everyone became gentle, young and girly, suitable for plain makeup, very Suitable for student parties and office workers.


This is called the scarlet trap, the color is so scary, I couldn't help falling into that trap, it's super girly Rotten Tomatoes color, easy to use and cheap, who doesn't love it?

The above is that the ZEESEA Picasso lipstick is too amazing, and it is affordable and easy to use, comparable to the big brands.

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