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The combination of long-lasting makeup and skin care, Interstellar Powder Foundation

         As a girl who loves makeup, I have new troubles recently. Due to my skin type, my face is often sweaty and oily, and even with a light base makeup product, the makeup removal phenomenon has not improved. Every time you go out with your friends, it is inevitable to take a selfie and record the good times. When I was originally happy, when I saw the shiny makeup in the camera, it instantly became not so beautiful. At the suggestion of my best friend, I realized that I should choose a makeup setting product that works for me. So, I started ZEESEA oil control honey powder, today I will give you a test.

        ZEESEA launched a total of seven types of oil-control honey powder. The gilt-gold powder is suitable for dry skin girls, the British Museum joint model and the Egyptian Museum joint model are suitable for cultural and creative enthusiasts. I chose the cherry powder plate. Because my skin is oily, my facial skin tends to secrete oily ingredients. This cherry powder plate, which can be called the savior of oily skin, is the most suitable for me. Its appearance is very girlish, and the laser-like cover can show a pink-purple light effect under the light. The whole powder cake is very small, easy to carry with you, and make up at any time.

          As a makeup fixer, ZEESEA Oil Control Powder is comparable to oil-absorbing paper. When applying makeup, the oil-controlling granules in this compact quickly adhere to the skin, wicking excess sweat and oily ingredients from the face. Compared with the heavy texture of traditional oil control products, this powder is very light and thin, and it fits the facial skin better after applying makeup without causing a burden on the skin.

The skin that has been wearing makeup for a long time is easily affected by makeup, and the skin quality is far worse than before. ZEESEA Oil Control Honey Powder is added with a variety of skin nourishing ingredients, which has the effect of nourishing damaged skin. It is added with niacinamide in skin care products, which can properly brighten the complexion while setting makeup, and say goodbye to dull skin. In addition, this powder cake is specially added with jojoba seed oil, which can deeply nourish the skin, make the face more lustrous after applying makeup, and there will be no embarrassment of sticking powder.

           As the last step of every make-up, I use ZEESEA Oil Control Powder to set my makeup. Use the puff that comes with the powder to gently pat the oil-prone parts of the face to easily get a matte and matte finish.

          It is very embarrassing to have oily face and makeup. If you want to say goodbye to oily skin, ZEESEA oil control honey powder is worth planting.
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