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How to store liquid liner when not in use

The unopened eyeliner should be kept away from light and direct sunlight. Pay attention to its expiration date. Generally speaking, the shelf life of unopened cosmetics is about three years.


Therefore, there are two periods for eyeliner, while the shelf life of unopened eyeliner is about three years, and the PAO of opened eyeliner is about one year.


The liquid eyeliner is in direct contact with the eye skin, so you can’t be more careful. If the eyeliner is worn off quickly when you haven’t been using it much, you don’t want to risk it on your eye skin.

Upon opening the liquid eyeliner, it is recommended to use up within eight months. If it exceeds this period, it is best not to use it again, because the eyeliner is in contact with the eye skin, after it is exposed in the air, the liner is contaminated with bacteria, so it is recommended not to use it after eight months.         


Fasten the cap when the eyeliner is not in use. At the same time, keep it away from light and avoid direct sunlight. It is best to put it in a drawer tip-side down.

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Liquid liners come in different colors, so be careful when you buy them. For dark hair, choose a black eyeliner; for blond and lighter hair, it is better to choose a brown eyeliner. Liquid liner is easier to shade than gel liner, and it is not easy to slip off.

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