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Palace Identity Chinese Phoenix Foundation

Palace Identity Chinese Phoenix Foundation

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The phoenix symbolizes strength and courage, love, and a happy life. It is also a symbol of the ancient Chinese royal families and is a blessing of harmony to couples. This refined piece incorporates various fashionable and novel elements, which not only represents the traditional culture of China but also contains current trends. Learned from classical literature about the cosmetic ingredients used by the noble queens and concubines of ancient China, our Chinese Phoenix Foundation combines natural skin-nourishing ingredients with the latest modern technology to truly takes care of your skin.

Available in?12 colors, you can choose the shade which is most?suitable for your skin?tone.


  • Featuring a liquid-to-powder formula, it is ideal for combination and oily skin types.
  • Up to 12h oil-control while balancing the skin¡¯s natural oil & water levels.
  • It adheres flawlessly onto the skin and leaves no stain on the face mask nor on the phone.
  • Incredibly lightweight withsoft matte finish.
  • Skincare ingredients are added. which?increase skin¡¯s natural ability for visible self-repair,constantly improve the sallow tone and enable the skin to appear bright.


  • Prep your skin for makeup with Palace Identity?Color Correcting Primer
  • Dispense one pump or a pearl sized amount of Chinese Phoenix Foundation and warm with fingertips.
  • Apply foundation starting at the center of the face and blend out with fingertips or a damped sponge.


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