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Multi-effect Brightening Primer ( Travel portable packaging )

Multi-effect Brightening Primer ( Travel portable packaging )

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「Good Partner」 for Base Makeup

  • Ultrafine powder

Makeup feel is always online, and the base makeup is not easy to be mottled

  • Anti-dull, double-layered radiance

Added Niacinamide + Vitamin C Derivatives

  • Create a natural looking complexion

A bottle of multi-effect, light on the skin

How to use:
Choose the according shade that suits your complexion and look radiant all day.
Pair the shades together for a more precise correction.

Recommended for dull skin
Corrects yellowness and gives the skin its original shine.

Recommended for reddish skin
Instantly covers redness such as acne scars for healthy and beautiful skin.

Recommended for skin that wants to hide blemishes
Creates a natural-looking complexion while covering pores.

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