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Palace Identity Reindeer Loose Powder

Palace Identity Reindeer Loose Powder

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The reindeer shaped ornament is inspired by the pattern on the glided silver cup with design of hunting scenario. This auspicious animal is regarded as the symbol of longevity  and good fortune, presenting a smart and graceful temperament, echoing the clear and feather-like makeup. Shape of the vessel is inspired by the design of a gold bowl with mandarin ducks and lotus petal. The vessel shape is solemn and full and the craftsmanship is gorgeous and exquisite. It is not only a wine vessel used by the royal family in the Tang Dynasty, but also a drawing of the prosperity at the time.refreshing silky powder


  • Micron-level ultra-fine jade powderis added. It blurring pores and unwanted shine with a soft focus
  • Rubypowder is added to deliver a natural brighter
  • Patented ingredientsof camellia, white water lily, jute leaves and barley leaves essence is added to deeply moisturizing, whitening and soothing the skin.  
  • Free of talc and plastic particles, suitable for sensitive skin.
  • The powder is of porous structure, which adjusts the balance of oil on the skin without absorbing skin moisture. Effective sweat-proof.
  • refreshing silky powder


  • #GEM delivers a slightly pearlescent shiny finish.
  • #JADE is translucent and creates a soft-focus effect.
  • Swirl a brush into the powder. Buff it all over the face in small circles or big strokes and apply evenly.
  • Target shine-prone areas with top-ups as needed.


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