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Slightly Flashing Beige Tone

Slightly Flashing Beige Tone

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The collaboration between Zeesea X The British Museum Beauty Makeup - Angel Cupid Series originates from pure love.

Founded in 1753, the British Museum was the first national public museum in the world. From the outset it was a museum of the world, for the world, and this idea still lies at the heart of the Museum’s mission today. The collection tells the stories of cultures across the world, from the dawn of human history, over two million years ago, to the present.

Cupid is the son of Venus and the god of Love. In Latin, he is called Amor, and in Greek, Eros. He is usually portrayed as a winged child carrying a bow, arrow, and quiver. Those hit by his arrows instantly become lovers.


A powder that sets and perfects foundation for a smooth, flawless finish. This powder is oil-absorbing, and contains vitamin E for the most comfortable wear. A full spectrum of color-correcting shades help brighten and even out skin tones and discolorations, plus they invisibly diminish the appearance of dark spots, fine lines, blemishes, and other imperfections while giving skin an airbrushed look.

How to use

For a natural look, apply over foundation using a matching velvet puff or powder brush. For a more polished look, apply powder with our matching velvet puff, using a gentle pressing motion.


Silk powder, Pearl powder, Camellia, Peach flower, Nicotinamide

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