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Palace Identity Blossom Contour

Palace Identity Blossom Contour

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The compact is inspired by the cultural relic of gold bowl with design of lotus and mandarin ducks, which is the most treasured gold works of Tang dynasty. The rose embossment accommodates two contouring shades that can be worn alone or harmoniously together for a customizable color blend.


  • A pressed powder palette that contains two matte shades to enhance face shape and skin tone and make contouring virtually effortless. 
  • 7 kinds of gems and gold are finely ground to deliver a naturally sculpted complexion.
  • Enriched with sunflower seed, peony seed extract, ergothioneine and other skincare ingredients to soothe, brighten skin and combat dullness.  


  • Wear it alone or mix the shades with a makeup brush, add depth and dimension to the face with lightweight, buildable coverage.
  • Try it as an eyeshadow base shade!
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