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Dessert Collection - Powder Blush

Dessert Collection - Powder Blush

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🤵Hey, how do you want your bubble tea?
👧A White Peach, more ice, less sugar, and a matcha macaron.
👧🏻 Emmmm, a Sparkling Orange, please.
👧🏿And Honey Custard with oreo pieces and Chocolate stick for me.

When is the last time you hang out with friends and enjoy your cup of boba?
Come to the ZEESEA dessert station this winter and let’s catch up! 💓

Fool-proof, low saturated shades.
Infused with vitamin E, jojoba oil, avocado oil and other essences.

🍑White Peach
Flatter all skin tones

🍊Sparkling Orange
Vitality UP!

🍯Honey Custard
Blush & Eyeshadow

How to apply:
Classic application: Apply blush on top of the cheekbone, blend inwards to the apple of the cheek.

Sun-kissed: Emphasize the middle of the cheek and sweep upwards.

Under the eyes: Focus the blush right under the eyes then diffuse any harsh lines.

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