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Crystal Skull

Crystal Skull

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Maya collection is Inspired by the unique totems and colors of Mayan secret land. The vibrant, dynamic, all in one glance.This versatile palette is designed with 16 complementing shades that can easily achieve multiple looks.

「Crystal Skull」
Inspired by the supernatual power it perceives. This miraculous creation fuels mysterious colors on you with the intense interests and puzzles it carries.


  • Advanced pearlescent technology. These shades sparkle from all angles.
  • Waterproof & Sweat-resistant. Nicely adheres on the eyes, super long-lasting
  • Moisturizing ingredients. Easily deliver a smooth full coverage, blend with eye skin evenly.
  • Various shades, secret of a quick gorgeous eye-makeup「30 seconds slay.
  • A wide spectrum of intensity and effects.
  • Highly pigmented and smudge-proof, not easy to rub off.
  • Superfine powder and divine pigmentation, easy to spread and blend.
  • Say no to cakey! Multi-dimensional glossiness, it’s all eyes on you!

How to apply:

「Crystal Skull」

  1. Spread Color 1 as a primer, start from the upper eye-lids, blend from the upper lash lines to the sockets.
  2. Apply Color 2 onto upper lids to enhance the contour.
  3. Apply a small triangle-shape of Color 3 on outer corners.
  4. Apply a smaller triangle-shape of Color 4 on outer corners as eyeliner.
  5. Apply Color 5 on the middle area of the eyes as highliter.
  6. Dip both Color 6&7 and blend it on lower lids.
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