About Us

ZEESEA was born out of China in 2011, with the idea of providing makeup enthusiasts with new and unique products for them to use to express themselves. Chinese makeup aesthetic design interact with world 's fashion trends.ZEESEA is quickly gaining relevance as one of the world's big brand cosmetic companies, growing a community of bold and stylish customers from all over the world with one thing in common, confidence in our products. ZEESEA constantly pushes innovation, bringing exciting and creative new products to our fans without sacrificing utility. Working together with the Royal British Museum and the Picasso family, ZEESEA aspires to do things that other makeup companies have never thought of, all the while providing a beautiful, reliable collection of quality cosmetics for our customers.

Enchanting Egypt Collection

Founded in 1753, the Brtish Museum was the first national public museum in the world.From the oultset it was a museum of the world, for the world, and this idea still lies at the heart of the Museum's mission today. The collection tells the stories of cultures across the world, from the dawn of human history, over two million years ago, to the pressent. Objects range from the earliest tools made by humans and treasures from the ancient world to more recent acquisitions from Africa, Oceania and the Ameicas, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, as well as the national collections of prints and drawings, and coins and medals.

Genius Picasso Collection

ZEESEA integrates Picasso's famous paintings into this wonderfully designed product series. The unique style and infinite variety of cubist aesthetics and color makeup free's you from the restraints of everyday cosmetic products. Be your own wildly fantastic makeup artist! Pursue freedom in your appearance!

Forbidden City Collection

The romance and mystery of ancient Chinese dynasties, this series is designed with contemporary styles to provide you with a classical sense of culturally rich beauty. This series is an ode to the princesses and seductive concubines that resided within the forbidden city.