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Palace Identity Velvet Pressed Powder

Palace Identity Velvet Pressed Powder

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Soft and fit formula, the powder is light and docile; thin and natural, layer upon layer does not appear heavy; refreshing and non-drying, easy to create a clear and bright base makeup.


  • Fine silty, watery and silky

Silky and delicate, melts into the skin like water

  • Clear velvet light, can fix and touch up makeup

Light mist and oil-free, freeze-frame ceramic skin

  • Precious extracts from the palace, extravagant nourishment

Oriental makeup and skin care integration

  • Lightweight flocked puff

Soft touch, more even powder grasping

Color selection:

  • 01#Bright skin

Suitable for fair skin tones

  • 02#Natural skin

Suitable for natural skin tones


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