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Palace Identity Night Banquet Set

Palace Identity Night Banquet Set

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Chinese Dragon Lipstick *1

Gilted Tang Eyebrow Pencil *1

Palace Identity Gilted Tang Earrings *2

Palace Identity Gift Box *1


Lotus Highlighter 

  • Smoothand lightweight pearlescent powder that melts into skin to brighten up the high points of the face.
  • Baked powder is paired with finely carvedconcave-convex texture to present a soft and natural glow.
  • Enriched with nourishing ingredients that moisturize the skin.
  • Apply with a brush or fingers and blend into cheekbones,nose, chin, or anywhere else you want to glow.

    Blossom Blush

    • Available in #Orchid (pink), #Hibiscus (coral) and #Rose (plum).
    • Trio shades in each palette, wear individually or create a customized blush.
    • 7 kinds of gems and gold are finely ground to deliver an irresistible natural radiance.
    • Enriched with sunflower seed, peony seed extract, ergothioneine and other skincare ingredients to soothe, brighten skin and combat dullness.

      Chinese Phoenix Foundation

      • Featuring a liquid-to-powder formula, which is ideal for combination and oily skin types.
      • Up to 12h oil-control while balancing the skin’s natural oil & water levels.
      • It adheres flawlessly onto the skin and leaves no stain on the face mask nor on the phone.
      • Incredibly lightweight with soft matte finish.
      • Skincare ingredients are added to increase skin’s natural ability for visible self-repair.

      Palace Identity Gilted Tang Earrings

      • The earrings were inspired by relics from the Tang Dynasty - The Keepsake which Tang Xuanzong gave love concubine (Yang Yuhuan) grape flower and bird grain silver sachets.
      • symbolic meaning: You are the only one I love.
      • Through Palace identity, we designed it as eardrop and showed the flourishing Tang Dynasty royal taste craftsmanship fine work.
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