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Misty Matte Lip Cream

Misty Matte Lip Cream

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  • Cream to Matte

Melt-on-lip, air-mist makeup
Light, soft and glutinous texture cream-like silky smooth and easy to spread

  • Optically conceals lip fine lines

Low refractive index silicon sphere powder comes with soft focus filter

  • Long-lasting color

Fixed color film formation is not easy to fade and mottle

Five new colors to create different looks for you

  • #01 Provocative And Pure Rose

Charming atmosphere, photogenic rose red

  • #02 Half Sugar Maple Tangerine

Vitality orange low saturation does not pick skin

  • #03 Salted White Peach

Warm peach color and gentle sweetness

  • #04 Oolong Black Tea

Gray tone red brown lazy atmosphere

  • #05 Cheese Milk Coffee

Creamy orange warm apricot color is natural


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