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ZEESEA Multi-effect Mascara

ZEESEA Multi-effect Mascara

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  • Get Natural, lengthening, curved, volumizing eyelashes by using ZEESEA Multi-effect Mascara.
  • Natural mascara suits all occasions, work, parties, or any leisure time.
  • Light, soft, smooth paste, in a dazzling rich black.
  • Contains vitamin B5 and collagen, nourishes eyelashes.
  • Equipped with the innovative 4D brush, instantly lengthen, and thicken for long-lasting eyelashes.

How to apply:
Look up and place the brush at the base of your upper eyelashes and wiggle it back and forth before moving it upwards towards the tip of the eyelashes. Make sure to coat every part of your lashes and not to move the brush too quickly.

Net Weight: 8ml

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