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Palace Identity Floral Banquet Set

Palace Identity Floral Banquet Set

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Palace Identity Blossom Contour *1

Palace Identity Royal Bloom Eyeshadow Compact *1

Palace Identity Blossom Blush *1

Palace Identity Lotus Highlighter *1

Palace Identity Gilted Tang Earrings *1

Palace Identity Gift Box *1


Chinese Dragon Lipstick

  • It leaves a matte finish while moisturizing the lips with peony seed oil and other natural skincare ingredients. Free of chemical preservatives.
  • Intense color payoff with one swipe.
  • Saturated tones on the lips while concealing the fine lines.
  • Exquisite embossment on the case and the bullet.

Gilted Tang Eyebrow Pencil

  • An Eyebrow Pencil with pendant charm. Phoenix embossment on the shell brings pleasure to your makeup routine.
  • Two-headed design. The eyebrow pencil can drawfine small strokes that looks like natural brows, while spoolie brush can tame?eyebrows into desired shape.
  • Herbal extracts are added to nourish the brows.
  • Long-wearing & Easy-to-remove.

Blossom Blush

  • Available in #Orchid (pink), #Hibiscus (coral) and #Rose (plum).
  • Trio shades in each palette, wear individually or create a customized blush.
  • 7 kinds of gems and gold are finely ground to deliver an irresistible natural radiance.
  • Enriched with sunflower seed, peony seed extract, ergothioneine and other skincare ingredients to soothe, brighten skin and combat dullness.
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