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Palace Identity Phoenix Feather Matte Lip Stain

Palace Identity Phoenix Feather Matte Lip Stain

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A silver bowl from Tang Dynasty contained an intricate, beautiful engraving of a phoenix on its surface. The detailed artwork was extracted and used as the basis for the pattern design on the casing of this lip stain, The pattern, engraved in gold, set against a red background, reproduces the exquisite artwork, reviving the life of the phoenix with modern style. The magnificence and atmosphere of the royal palace is captured perfectly.


  • Lightweight, non-sticky formula that moisturizes your lips with skincare ingredients.White truffle - moisturizing & anti-oxidant. Camellia - astringing and soothing. Water lily - add radiance. Free of preservatives, alcohol.
  • A touch of velvet matte that won’t stain cups nor masks.
  • Define your lips with intense color and precision. The slender fluffy brushcan apply product with an appropriate amount while define the shape. Layer it for a more  saturated pigment.


  • Begin by outlining the lips.Press the tip onto each side of the bow to emphasize the shape. Then, sweep the applicator from one corner of the mouth toward the center of the lips. Repeat on the other side. Outline the bottom lip and sweep the applicator from each corner toward the center of the lips.
  • Only a thin layer is required to achieve a fullcoverage. Apply additional coats as desired.


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