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Dual-ended Highlighter Contour Stick

Dual-ended Highlighter Contour Stick

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1. Brighten skin tone
Brighten skin brightness

2. Retouch the outline
Contouring head outlines face shadow

3. Covers imperfections
Fits the skin, can hide acne marks and pigmentation

4. Not easy to take off makeup
Naturally blends the base makeup, the makeup effect is longer lasting

Delicate facial features

01 The bridge of the nose is high and three-dimensional
Apply the highlight color vertically along the bridge of the nose
Shadow color on both sides of the bridge of the nose, one stroke makes the nose taller

02 Lying silkworm makeup with big eyes
Use shadow to base under eyelid and highlight with highlight

03 Pointy chin and lips
Apply highlights at the position of the chin corresponding to the lip peak and the lip peak to shape plump lips

04 Big face becomes small face
Shade on the hairline and the edges of the face

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