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Palace Identity Face & Eye Brush Set - Pearl White

Palace Identity Face & Eye Brush Set - Pearl White

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The egret symbolizes freedom, beauty, indifference, and health. It often appears in ancient Chinese poems, standing in rice fields, riverbanks, beaches, mudflats, and coastal streams. They feed in groups, often mixing with other species, sometimes flying over shallow coastal waters to hunt prey, and fly back to their habitat at night in a "V" formation. The great egret often nests together with other waterbirds.

The Great Egret Brush Set is inspired by the image of egrets in ancient Chinese poetry. The whole set has 9 pieces. Using them together will assist makeup lovers before any occasion.

This set contains brushes suitable for:

1. Powder
2. Foundation
3. Highlighter
4. Base
5.  shadow
6. Angled brow
7. Lip blending
8. Angled liner
9. Details


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