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Am I the last one to know my brow pencil is so VERSATILE?

Makeup gurus use their products and tools in a highly skilled way, what’s more, they know how to achieve multiple functions with a single piece. Today we are going to play the trick with eyebrow pencils and prove that it is so much more than doing the brows.

1, Draw the brows

The hair color determines the shade of your eyebrow pencil; besides, choose accordingly based on the makeup style. We know the brows should be lighter than your hair in case they cast all the attention on the face, check out the Gilted Tang eyebrow pencil T01 dark brown, T02 soft black and T03 soft brown, and decide which one suits you the best.


2, Contour the nose

After foundation, use your brow pencil to draw two straight lines along the nose bridge and blend with finger tips. This is when you realize brow pencil can be used as contour to make your nose appear straighter.


3, Eyeliner

You have realized the black eyeliner sometimes appear unnatural and stiff, why not try the same technique but with brow pencil. The color appears softer and delivers a more wearable effect.


4, Eyeshadow

Now you get the gist of it, draw a thinker eyeliner with brow pencil and blend well with finger tip or cotton swab.


5, Lip liner

Yes, use your brow pencil as lip liner. Especially if you use light brown shade, it gives you fuller lips when it is paired with red or nude tone lipsticks. While delivering a plumped effect, the liner helps to correct the asymmetry of the lips.

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