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Will lipsticks fade my natural lip color?

It’s most common to wear lipsticks everyday, and you wonder if the cosmetics will make your lips lose color? The answer is No.

The loss of lip color is usually caused by exposure to the sun and ageing. What’s more, after applying lipstick, it is advised to remove it with lip&eye makeup remover. Especially when you use some long-lasting products such as matte lipsticks or lip stains, without being properly removed, the residue will make your lips appear darker. In short, frequent use of lipstick will not fade or darken your lip color when the product is of good quality and being removed thoroughly.


It is interesting to notice that on QUORA, makeup artists and beauty writers lay emphasis on branded lipsticks. Well established brands make sure the ingredients are safe and in line with international standards.

So is Palace Identity Chinese Dragon Lipstick, safe on the lips and almost too pretty to use.  It’s not only paraben-free, but also infused with natural herbs to nourish the lips. The matte finish does not stain the cups nor the face masks. There are ten flattering shades to choose from with M10 Nude Apricot being the best seller. Based on our research, half of our customers purchased the Chinese Dragon Lipstick as a gift because of its exquisite packaging and embossment on the bullet.   

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