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How to overcome foundation oxidation and stay fresh-faced all day?

Why does your foundation looks flawless when just applied, but becomes dull before lunch time? You are not the only who has this problem.


Just like the apple will start to brown after peeling, the reason that causes your makeup appear dull is oxidation. There are many factors that cause makeup to oxidize, such as skin texture, oily and tanned level, etc., all of which accelerates oxidation reaction. This is why, when many of you apply foundation, the shade looks clear and natural, but after a few hours, the skin becomes very dull and even a little orange.


So why oxidation occurs? Oxygen, this is colourless, odourless, tasteless gas is essential to living organisms. Most living things need oxygen to survive, while oxygen also lead to decay and decomposition, such as moldy foods and rusty metal, as well as aging skin.

First and foremost, moisturizing is the best way for the skin to resist oxidation. When the skin is fully moisturized, it gains a stronger barrier to resist oxidation and UV rays. However, if the skin is dehydrated, it becomes tender, more sensitive and oily which leads to faster foundation oxidation.


For those who often apply makeup, they are aware of the importance of setting makeup. Skipping the setting procedure does not necessarily save time. A proper-set makeup separates the foundation from the air, which makes it appear more natural and long-wear.

Oriental Essence Longwear Foundation

About the choice of foundation, since it glides directly onto the skin, make sure it’s lightweight and won’t burden the skin. Palace Identity’s Chinese Phoenix Foundation, this luxurious formula increases skin’s natural ability for visible self-repair, constantly improve the sallow tone and enable the skin to appear bright.


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