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How to choose eyebrow pencil?

So many eyebrow pencils on the market, how would I know which ones suit me the best? Here are some factors to take into consideration before choosing the right brow pencils.


The design

For a new beginners, we advise you a two-end design with brow pencil on one side and spoolie brush on the other. For this is easier to control when you draw the strokes and the brush can be used to adjust the brows into desired shape.


The length

Here we refer it to the length of the pencil. You would want to choose the length according to the length of your palm.

The shade

Think about your skin tone and hair color. Basically the brow pencil’s shade needs to be lighter than your hair color. Our brand -- Palace Identity, the best selling shade is T01 Dark Brown Gilted Tang Eyebrow Pencil which accommodates most complexions and hair colors.


The texture

Is it soft when you apply it? Good quality ones will not cause any discomfort on your sensitive brow skin. We don’t want you to buy those hard refills, it usually means poor quality.

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