ZEESEA's new orange liquid eyeshadow is too cute✨ - ZEESEA

ZEESEA's new orange liquid eyeshadow is too cute✨

Orange 3-color Liquid Eyeshadow Set

OR 01 Matte Orange

OR 02 Sunset Beach

OR 03 Sunset Diamond

OR 01 Matte Orange is
Easy to blur! Matte orange that dries quickly so it won't get twisted or ruin your base makeup 🧡
Fresh orange that can be used for eyeshadow and blush, so cute🥹🥹🥹

High color development just as you see it!
OR 02 Sunset Beach is easy to adjust the shade
The orange has a soft texture, and the fine glitter sparkles and is so cute🥹🥹🥹
If you apply a small amount thinly, it transforms into a sparkling eyeshadow with plenty of transparency ✨✨ It can also be used as a highlight 🙆‍♀️♡
This is so cute 😭! ! !

OR 03 Sunset Diamond has orange glitter that has an outstanding presence. ✨✨ Holograms can be attached little by little, so you can pinpoint where you want to apply!
Because it is a fine brush made of silicon, it can also be used as an eyeliner!

Because it is waterproof and does not fall off even in the summer,
Keeps a freshly applied finish for a long time!

Put OR 01 Matte Orange on your eyelids and spread it with your finger to make it as dark as you like!
Place a small amount of OR 02 Sunset Beach on the center and lower eyelids and gently spread with your fingers to create a translucent sparkling eyeshadow ✨✨

Finished with OR 03 Sunset Diamond large glitter with points 💄💗
The mat is super easy to use, and the translucence, luster, and glitter when OR 02 Sunset Beach is stretched out is super cute😭! !

Especially the mat is much harder to collapse than the other two colors!

If you are interested, please check it out ✔💗✨✨

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