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Zeesea Makeup Setting Spray Review and How to Use

In summer, the most fearful thing is to take off makeup. When the skin is hot, the skin is particularly prone to oil. The following editor will introduce to you whether the ZEESEA makeup setting spray is good to use?

Does ZEESEA Makeup Setting Spray work?

The Aurora Quicksand version I bought from ZEESEA Makeup Setting Spray is really amazing. There is gold glitter in it, and it is a little glittery when sprayed, but the glitter is not too big and it can be used everyday! It also forms a film very quickly and is not sticky at all! Use this makeup setting spray and go out all day without taking your makeup off. Before applying makeup, use this spray to spray the whole face, then mix the spray and base makeup evenly, then spray on the face, and finally spray a layer of makeup setting spray. Don't be afraid to take off your makeup!

ZEESEA Makeup Setting Spray also smells good, it's coconut scent. Shake this makeup setting spray, the rose pink gold quicksand that flows is so beautiful, and it is really indispensable for color control. It is suitable for combination skin and dry skin, and has a pink and brightening effect. This spray is very fine, and it also has a fine pink shimmer. After spraying it on the face, it feels like the whole face is sparkling, even the highlight does not need to be applied, and there is a faint fragrance that smells good. A simple comparison of before and after use, still very satisfied with the effect.

How to use ZEESEA Makeup Setting Spray

This is ZEESEA's after-makeup setting spray. There is actually a pearly sheen in it. Shake it before using it. What a beautiful galaxy, it's pink and tender! And it's really convenient to have your own highlights. You know that you don't have enough collagen, and you want more highlights. This can be used on the collarbone. After using the makeup setting spray to go out for 3 hours, the makeup is still not taken off at all, and wearing a mask does not affect it. Really amazing!

But when spraying, take it farther, and the spray will be very even! This ZEESEA Makeup Setting Mist has a very hydrating feel after use. A product that can be used as a moisturizing spray and can also set makeup very well. It is suitable for all skin types and is a boon for dry skin.


1. Use before makeup to moisturise and set makeup

2. Use to set makeup after foundation makeup

3. Use it to wet the makeup brush during makeup to make the makeup more docile, and use it after makeup to make the skin shiny

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