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Does zeesa primer work with sun protection?

Does zeesa primer work with sun protection?

We all know that sunscreen is the most basic care for the skin no matter whether we go out or not. So, many sunscreens say that they can replace sunscreen, is this true? Let's take a look at it next.


Does zeesa primer work with sun protection?

Can play a certain role in sunscreen.

zeesea primer has a sunscreen function, so it can replace the primer. In summer, the temperature gradually rises and the sun gradually becomes stronger. Sunscreen isolation has once again become the primary problem of protecting the skin. Now you must do a good job of sunscreen isolation before going out to avoid strong Sunburns skin.

In addition to the function of isolating dirty air, many sunscreens have added sunscreen function, which is more convenient to use.


zeesea base cream ingredients

The main ingredients of zeesea base cream are cosmetic fusion agents such as titanium dioxide, iron oxide, polysiloxane-2, hyaluronic acid, etc. It also specially adds natural plant skin nourishing ingredients such as cherry blossom, marigold, rosemary, etc. No skin, can keep the moisturizing makeup feeling.


Can zeesea cream be used by pregnant women?

Not recommended for use.

If pregnant women want to use a barrier cream, it is recommended to use a barrier cream specially designed for pregnant women. The role of the isolation cream is mainly to prevent the skin from being invaded by external pollution sources, which is good for pregnant women. But the general isolation cream contains some chemical ingredients, if pregnant women use it frequently, it is easy to be absorbed into the body, which is not good for the development of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women should choose a special barrier cream.


How about zeesea isolation cream

The frosted glass outer bottle of zeesea isolation cream is very textured and high-grade, and the press mouth is designed to be convenient and hygienic. Regular bright skin tones, greens and purples are available. The surprise of this foundation cream is that it has strong concealing ability and is more white. Because of the addition of hyaluronic acid, it is very moisturizing and suitable for dry skin. There are also some chamomile and other plant ingredients, which are very cool and clear when applied to the face, the effect of lifting the complexion is also obvious, and the makeup lasts for a long time.

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