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What is lip stain?

Think lip stain as lipstick in liquid form. They can cover up fine lines on the lips and does not fade easily. Compared with old-school lipsticks, lip stain appear brighter, so many  makeup newbies tend to choose lip stains for its long-wearing pigmented look.


How to use:

1, Lip care. Before applying any lip products, use ample lip balm. After the lips are fully moisturized, wipe off the thick layer of lip balm with a tissue. By doing so, the dead skin is removed and the lip stain can adhere more seamlessly.


2, Time for the lip stain! Use a cotton swab to dab evenly, then apply another layer to make the color last. You don’t need a lip brush to smudge it, just blend directly with the built-in brush.


3, If you prefer a matte finish, sip on a napkin. Add a layer of lip gloss for a sparkling lip look.

Same with other makeup product, once opened, use it asap. Otherwise it will be spoiled.

Lip stain is more prone to deterioration, because without any adding of anti-corrosion wax ingredients, it is easy to deteriorate in the process of long-term use.

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