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What? Matte and moisturized, I can have it both?

What do you value most when choosing lipstick?


Most choose the shade according to the skin tone, and then? After all, the color difference  on the lips is very subtle. There are so many other factors such as different lipstick undertones, consistencies, and finishes that can flatter your look. As a makeup brand, we are dedicated to the hues as well as the textures. With Palace Identity, matte finish and moisturizing touch, you can have it both.

Lipsticks with matte finish are usually drier than others and they require a fully moisturized lips before application. But not for Palace Identity. Chinese Dragon Lipstick has a creamy texture that it’s softer to the touch and easily blendable. While gliding onto your lips seamlessly to conceal the fine lines, it outlines with definition to bring out the color. Only after you try it that you know how comfortable it sets on the lips. It is like a tinted lip balm but with velvety finish.


Rich tones, bold pigment and little transfer, even better, you know our Chinese Dragon Lipstick carries a character like no other lipsticks!

Chinese Dragon Lipstick Set
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