Not only concealer but also skin care! You haven't used makeup primer yet? - ZEESEA

Not only concealer but also skin care! You haven't used makeup primer yet?

Sisters with dull skin and too lazy to make up raise their hands!

I really haven't encountered such a useful isolation in a long time,

I belong to the kind of uneven skin tone,

The skin is still very dry 😫

The skin that is easy to get stuck on makeup and does not adhere to the powder!

I didn't expect this isolation to save me!

👉🏻ZEESEA Color Corrector Primer

Use this bottle when you don't want to wear makeup.

It is more natural than plain face cream, and will not fake white powder!

💜 purple

Really dark yellow muscle savior! Improve dullness!


Repair red skin! Improve red acne marks!

💛 Nature

Can be used as a makeup highlighter!

It can also be used as a makeup primer to even out skin tone and make the base makeup more translucent!

The texture of this isolation is very light,

A swipe away is really great,

It is very moisturizing and has no powdery feeling at all!

It can be said to be 0 makeup! It's natural and clear

Contains cherry blossoms, rosemary, olive oil

These skin-loving plant extracts~

And sodium hyaluronate!

Not only brightens the skin but also nourishes the skin.

Even sensitive skin can use it with confidence!

Makeup Cream! Makeup primer! Fondation!

One bottle is worth three bottles 👍🏻

When you're lazy, just go out with a swipe,

Use this as a primer before makeup! Makeup is more docile!


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