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Lip-dressing! Lip stain and lipstick, how are they different?

So many types of lip products on the market! We all know what lipsticks are, and are you familiar with lip stains?


There is a big difference between lip stain and lipstick. Most of the lipsticks are cream-like  solid bullet, just like the lip balm people use to keep the lips moisturized. The only difference between them is that lip balk is for skin care, the effect lies in moisturizing and lip care.


Unlike lipsticks that add a layer on top of the lips, stains are absorbed into the outer layers of the skin for a sheer pop of low-maintenance color.


Phoenix Feather Matte Lip Stain

Lip stain is different from lipstick. It has a new texture to it, with a crystal-like color. The color adheres nicely to the lips and remains bright for a long time, creating a perfectly vibrant look. They are easier to apply with the built-in brush, simply smear it on the lips, after it drys up in a second, it delivers a melt-in effect. For those who have fine lines on the lips, makeup artists from Palace Identity would recommend you the lip stain, for it sticks on the lips more seamlessly than lipstick, which may make the fine lines appear less obvious.


For beginners, lip stain is more friendly for it easy application. As it conceals the fine lines, the color appear more natural as well. You can tell in the name, the lip stain is more long-wearing than lipsticks and especially ideal for this mask-wearing season.


Check out Palace Identity Phoenix Feather Matte Lip Stain that delivers a velvety touch. The matte finish makes it one of a kind.

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