I like it so much 😍 I bought several ZEESEA cosmetics in once - ZEESEA

I like it so much 😍 I bought several ZEESEA cosmetics in once

The packaging is perfect 💯 the price is righte 💰 and the appearance is so high! 😍

ZEESEA is a make-up brand that has only emerged in the past few years. In 2020, it won the Tmall Golden Makeup Award of the Year Word-of-mouth Brand Award🏅

The latest ZEESEA x Egyptian series is a cosmetics co-branded with the British Museum, let us enjoy these exquisite makeups with outstanding looks! ❤️

🌱ZEESEA Egyptian sixteen-color eyeshadow palette 03
I bought my favorite pink series, the star eye shadow on the upper left corner is very beautiful! The color is also very vivid, this one is very suitable for girls who usually want to draw a sweet makeup ❤️

🌱ZEESEA Enchanting Egypt Lipstick 301
This time I chose the red bean paste lipstick that I have been wanting to try for a long time. This color is very white, and it does not feel particularly sticky on the lips. 👌

🌱Air Wing Light Powder (Matte White)
This powder, which claims to be able to instantly smooth the skin and beautify the skin, really lives up to its reputation. A thin layer can make the skin look smooth, and the pores can also be instantly reduced. However, I personally think that the only disadvantage is that it is not very friendly to dry skin. , so you must do a good job of moisturizing before using powder/makeup 😋

🌱Three-dimensional high-gloss compact powder S01
I am completely attracted by this beauty! Such a cute Cupid😍 I have to praise this highlighter, the powder is very fine, lightly brush a layer on the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose, and immediately make the face line more three-dimensional❤️ I highly recommend this highlighter cake, it is easy to use and worth collecting😍

🌱Blusher Powder (Pink)
Very thoughtful design from light to dark, you can choose the color you want to dip in according to the makeup of the day, or mix and use to create a sweet makeup effect 💓 The small brush included is a bonus!

🌱Double-ended eyeshadow pen 
One side (bean paste brown) is a reddish-brown eye shadow used on the eyelids, and the other side (beige) is a highlighter pen used to create fake lying silkworms under the eyes. I bought this mainly because it is convenient. Just take this with you when traveling 🤣 Recommended!

🌱Palace Identity Gilted Tang Eyebrow Pencil
This eyebrow pencil box is too high-end! I have been raving about the packaging when I received it, but the cheap eyebrow pencil gives people a delicate and noble feeling, so it is really worth it🥺This is a must-buy!

Finally, I must praise the packaging of the joint series of the British Museum, it is so thoughtful ❤️On the left side of each box, you can find the famous painting information and collection number used on the packaging, so that friends who love to appreciate paintings can have more Consultation, this is awesome💯 Okay, after reading these introductions of ZEESEA cosmetics, are you also tempted? Hurry up and buy it!

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