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Lazy makeup tricks! Pseudo makeup that turns cold and white skin in seconds!

You can use it if you have hands. You don't have to worry about getting up early. You don't have time to make up when you stay in bed, and you don't look good when you go out. The complexion is even and clear! ! ! 😍😍😍
Directly attach the daily cheat formula!
️1️⃣ First apply green on top of purple, and focus on applying red pox marks + red blood spots with green, and then apply a thin layer on the middle of the face and between the eyebrows and the areas that need to be brightened and are prone to reddening. You can trim and brighten side by side. ! ️
2️⃣ Purple accents apply to dull lips! ! ! The effect is awesome! ! ! Then observe other areas of the face that are dark yellow with uneven skin tone, apply an appropriate amount, and apply some to the depressions of the temples, which will make the temples swell! And purple will make the complexion cooler, and even some cool white skin effects! ️
3️⃣ But remember that after applying the isolation on the face, use the purple isolation tape on the neck! Prevent chromatic aberration! After all, this color number is very good for brightening effect! You don't need to put foundation on your neck afterwards, so you don't have to worry about the liquid foundation rubbing against your clothes!
🔴 The two I use are from ZEESEA, they are both shallow and low-saturated color trimming isolation, the effect is very natural! It is very suitable for those who get up early and are too lazy to apply full makeup, or sisters who are looking for pseudo-simple makeup ~ the texture is also very moisturizing and will not stick to powder, easy to push, no need for any tricks, very suitable for novice sisters to learn makeup! I have already recommended this green bottle to you once before! The effect of collocation with purple is super double! !
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