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Alice in Wonderland eyeshadow palette makeup recommendation

Eye makeup is the most important makeup look for the eyes. You can see the charm of people from the eyes of others. ZEESEA has released two super beautiful eyeshadow palettes and color mascara. How about the eye makeup of Alice in Wonderland? Let me introduce it in detail for everyone, and those who are interested can take a look at it.

The ZEESEA brand always has so many whimsical ideas. It has designed Picasso and Cleopatra series of makeup before, and this time it has launched the Alice in Wonderland eye makeup series. It can be seen that it is really powerful. Of course, the single product is also very good It's amazing!

The inspiration of the eyeshadow palette comes from the Queen of Hearts and Alice, and the packaging design not only adds the corresponding elements, but also pours the magic color quicksand. The shell is 3D through the window, you can see that there is quicksand inside, and you can see the flowing sand when you use it, which can instantly pull people into the mysterious Alice fantasy.

The shell is bronzing, laser carving, three-dimensional 3D craftsmanship, and the triple exquisite craftsmanship is super dreamy and eye-catching to hit your girl's heart. The inner powder is ultra-fine powder, soft and smooth to the touch, and the color is long-lasting and does not fly powder. The exclusive craftsmanship is purely handmade and looks very delicate. It is beautiful with the built-in eye shadow brush.

The saturation and color rendering of these two colors are very high, especially suitable for painting all kinds of cool eye makeup in summer. What you want is beauty, freshness, fashion and personality~

1. Queen of Hearts Eyeshadow Palette

The red plate is slightly orange and pink, and it can be done in one plate for play makeup/daily makeup. For example, the honey pomelo and yellow peach makeup can be created using the first row of color numbers, while the strawberry milkshake makeup can be created by matching the second row with the dress, and the left and right main colors are matched with the pink peach heart color to create the classic eye of the Queen of Hearts. Makeup styling.

2. Alice Eyeshadow Palette

The blue color scheme is even more jumping and full of the magical feeling of fantasy and wonderland. The orange tone + blue and purple tone mix and match to form a brand-new self. The most lovely thing is that its big flashing piece comes with bows and stars, just like bringing the fairy tale world to the world. The eyes are the same.

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I am looking for a deep Purple Eye Shadow and Purple Liner that is wet then turns to long lasting POWDER? There is a picture on the first page of this site of the color purple I love.
Thank You so much


I want to buy the Pink Alice in Wonderland Palette please contact me. It says it’s in stock allover Google, but, I cannot find it on your site. Thank you

Mekin Larned

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