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Price-performance primer king! Recommended for lazy sisters! !

Ahhh sisters! ! !
Bought the right isolation really get twice the result with half the effort!
Especially office workers like us who love to stay in bed!
It's really a luxury to sleep 10 minutes more every day~
I really need a 5-minute pseudo makeup to let me go out quickly!
This nourishing base cream! Just met my needs!
A bottle of direct isolation + makeup cream + makeup primer!
It comes in 3 shades, I chose according to my skin type
Sisters can do strategies on demand!

Sallow and dull complexion - use purple
Apply to dark areas of the face (such as the corners of the mouth, forehead, etc.)
Evens out skin tone while naturally brightening
It is very suitable for sisters with dark yellow complexion who stay up late!

Red cheeks with blemishes - use green
Modifies local redness on the face, neutralizes black and red acne marks

The texture is moist and light
It is easy to push it away, there is no dry powder feeling at all
Also contains botanical extracts like cherry blossom, rosemary and olive
sodium hyaluronate
Brighten and modify the complexion while nourishing the skin! Everything is covered!
Even sensitive skin and fragile silk can be used with confidence!

Now I'm not afraid even if I stay in bed every day
With it, you can achieve fast milk muscle and go out!
Proper pseudo makeup artifact!
In short, the sisters choose the cream and go directly to it blindly!
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