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Life hacks. Don’t throw away expired cosmetics!

PAO or “period after opening” is shorter than you think? Such a waste to throw them away after 6 months? Here are the hacks to help you save some bucks when you are not ready to bin your 6-month old cosmetics.


Expired Facial Cream = Body Moisturizer

Expired creams may deteriorate due to oxidation and you don’t want to take the risk of facial allergies. Instead, use it on elbows and heels, where needs to by moisturized but less sensitive than facial skin.


Expired Face Wash and Makeup Remover = Brush Cleanser

The cleaning products run out quickly, they are still usable just less effective.


If there are no change on the appearance and texture, they are perfect to clean the makeup brushes as they can fully remove the makeup residue on the brushes without damaging the soft bristles.

Expired Perfume = Fragrance Diffuser

Put a scented cane into the perfume to transform it into a high-end fragrance! If you feel that the fragrance is not strong enough, you can also add an aromatherapy base liquid to help with diffusing. Or if you haven’t threw away your old diffuser stone, spray expired perfume on it and now you have a new diffuser stone.

Expired Serum = Bath Drops

Use them as bath drops! Simply throw them in bath water and enjoy. The capsules will melt into the water and your skin feels visibly softened after a luxurious bath.  


Expired Loose powder = Dry Shampoo

As long as your loose powder is not damp, you can always use it as pon pon powder or dry shampoo. Simply buff a gorgeous amount onto greasy hair roots and rub thoroughly. Your hair will instantly appear fluffy and grease-free.


Reindeer Loose Powder -- Palace Identity

Expired Lipstick = Silver Polisher

We strongly advise you not to use expired lip products on the lips because of the increasing amount of bacterial it may contain. But did you know you can use lipstick to polish silverware?


Lipstick contains emulsifiers. After encountering silver, the emulsifiers can absorb the silver sulfide components and other small pollutants on the silverware. Silver sulfide is what causing the silverware to turn black. After the lipstick absorbs it, the silverware will appear polished and brighter. Also, some lipsticks also contain titanium oxide particles, which can remove dirt on the surface of silverware. Providing the silverware has a flat surface, for you don’t want the lipstick to stuck in your carved silver jewelry.

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