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ZEESEA Egyptian Pressed Powder, a beauty retainer for girls with oily skin

As a girl with oily skin, it is really difficult to keep the daily makeup clean and flawless. Don't ask me how I know, because I'm just oily! No matter how carefully I shape my base makeup, as long as it is past noon, my face will inevitably be oily, and sometimes I will have troubles such as makeup peeling and powder sticking, which really makes me very distressed. So touch up makeup is a step that I do every day.

Moreover, when setting makeup and touch-up makeup for oily skin, you must choose makeup products carefully, otherwise it is easy to have mottled and agglomerated problems. So in order to buy a product that has a strong makeup setting ability and won’t step on thunder easily, I directly bought the “ZEESEA Egypt Pressed Powder”, which has a super high sales volume and is recommended by many beauty bloggers. Next, arrange an evaluation immediately, so that you can have a deep understanding of how it is.

I think the appearance design of beauty products is very important, because most girls are beauty-conscious, so exquisite and beautiful design can win the hearts of girls. This "ZEESEA Egypt Pressed Powder" pays special attention to the sense of design. I bought the limited joint Egyptian version. The design inspiration is the queen of Egypt. The golden printing pattern is high-end and exquisite with details, and the black background color is more advanced. Moreover, this "ZEESEA Egypt Pressed Powder" adopts 3D printing production technology, which is particularly high-end and tasteful, beautiful and tasteful.

The ingredients of beauty products are also very important. The "ZEESEA Pressed Powder" I bought is a skin-nourishing powder, and everyone with ingredients can get it. Among them, plum medicine alcohol can care for damaged skin, white pond flower seed oil can help the skin adjust the water and oil balance, niacinamide can evenly brighten the skin tone, and jojoba seed oil can moisturize the skin, these are all natural and flawless makeup effects s reason. In addition, this "ZEESEA Nourishing Egypt Pressed Powder" does not contain alcohol, fragrance, or mineral oil, which is naturally nourishing and healthy for the skin.

Finally, I would like to share my experience of using "ZEESEA Egypt Pressed Powder". I think its ability to fix makeup is really good. Basically, using it to touch up makeup once a day can ensure the "beauty" of the face all day long, allowing me Has a natural clean, white and flawless natural makeup. Moreover, its powder is very delicate, and its waterproof ability is also very good. It is simply a "magic weapon" for me to maintain beauty!

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