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ZEESEA Egyptian powder, it is very popular, I tell my feelings through the actual test

Summer has come, are pretty girls annoyed by the fact that they can’t cover blemishes on their faces, need to use beauty software when taking selfies, or use various photo editing software after taking pictures? Have the sisters used ZEESEA powder? How do you feel about the effect?

Today I want to talk about the product "ZEESEA Egyptian Powder", although various bloggers are promoting it, it can be regarded as an artifact of makeup first aid powder. Some friends say it is easy to use, and some friends think that it still has some problems, and it is not as exaggerated as the rumors say, so let's take a look at this powder foundation today.

First of all, let’s talk about its packaging, the Egyptian goddess co-branded model, with a strong sense of design and beautiful! The high-end feel brought by the magnetic buckle design. It is said that the design was inspired by the Egyptian Museum of the British Museum, which is one of the largest special exhibition halls in the British Museum. The goddess print on the side of the box cover is Hathor, the goddess of love and beauty in ancient Egyptian mythology. The goddess is used as the design element to express the delicate makeup like a goddess, carefully groomed, and elegant.

Open it up and use it, this product has a matte matte texture, oil control is really oil control, it is also very light and thin, and the powder is also very fine, the matte skin texture is very obvious in one second, pores can also be covered, and the waterproof and oil control effect is also good Very good, the soft focus effect is very good, and it is not easy to do this at this price. This powder has three color numbers: AM00 ivory, suitable for girls with fair skin; AM01 light skin color, which is more practical than this color number; AM02 natural skin color, this color number can be used as a contouring.

Some friends may think that the powder is thick, and it is easy to get powdery when applied. According to the different skin types of the sisters, this product is indeed not suitable for all skin types. Babies with dry skin should not use it, as it is easy to peel. And the concealing power is relatively weak, but if it is used with concealer products or liquid foundation with concealer effect, the makeup setting effect of this powder cake is ok. But you must control the amount, and don’t extract too much powder, otherwise there will be mud rubbing, and the powder will fall off if you rub it with your hands. Be careful. I have combination skin, and the effect after using it is still ok.

When it comes to setting makeup, sisters must be very concerned about its durability and fit. If the durability of liquid foundation and air cushion is good, then pairing it with makeup products with good durability will definitely ensure a good mood for the day. The makeup of this product is good, but the durability is not too high, and you need to touch up makeup frequently. In summer, when you sweat and sweat, you will use it more frequently. Another point, which is also very important, is the puff. Many friends feel that it is not easy to use. After a period of time, the puff is easy to get oily and agglomerated. In fact, it is good to wash the puff frequently after use.

Generally speaking, after doing simple makeup, this powder is still okay, and the price is very high, but you must use the right method and precautions. If you feel that there is a problem with using it on your face, you can stop the loss in time , After all, the products used on one's own face should be suitable for oneself to be the best.

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