Summer dessert shop, a refreshing little popsicle in summer.

Summer dessert shop, a refreshing little popsicle in summer. - ZEESEA

ZEESEA popsicle lip glaze looked at the name, I thought it was a shiny mirror makeup effect, but it turned out to be a matte texture with a misty feel, and the touch on the mouth was light and would not have a strong presence. This kind of black background, color laser gradient tube body, it is easy to reminiscent of the lights when dancing.

905 Maple Leaf Red: This color system is definitely familiar to everyone. Generally, it is really a must-choice color in this season. The overall tone is still orange. It belongs to autumn and winter. Using it, I like this color very much in autumn and winter. The orange tone really shows the complexion, and it always gives me a feeling of vitality.

722 is a very classic jam rose red, the texture is quite moist, it is worthy of the price, it is a very everyday color, whether it is heavy makeup or light makeup, you can hold it, it is really worth starting.

For beginners in makeup, avoiding heavy makeup and opting for easy-to-use makeup is the quickest way to get started. Hurry up with this kind of makeup and say byebye to the scum makeup~


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