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ZEESEA Highlighting Pressed Powder Review

Many people may omit the highlighting step when applying makeup. In fact, this step is very important. Whether it is daily or heavy makeup, as long as there is highlighting, your facial features will become more three-dimensional, and your skin will also change. It's more shiny, and it's the kind of light that comes out from the inside out.

I have also done a lot of high-gloss on the Internet, but considering that it is not often used, I still choose some brands that are relatively cheap, because I have used ZEESEA powder before, and I have a good impression of this brand, so this time the high-gloss Also choose this brand, and the price is really high,
After receiving the goods, I have to sigh. This high-gloss powder is really good-looking. Not only does the outer shell look good, but the powder inside has three-dimensional carvings, which are very delicate, and the sequins inside are also very beautiful. You can use it casually. After wiping it on, there are flashes on the hands, it is like a fairy diamond light, very beautiful.

The powder is fine enough, you can apply it with your fingers, and the effect is very shiny! Excellent! ! Use it like a little fairy! When applied on the bridge of the nose, the bridge of the nose becomes quite a lot, and the effect is very good. I also apply it on the cheekbones, my face is a lot better, it is very convenient to carry, and I don’t take off my makeup for a day. The whole makeup looks more refined with it, and I will repurchase after use.

Summary: Although highlights can add a lot to the makeup look, I still omit the highlight step in the normal makeup process. Since I have this highlight, I have never omitted it, whether it is light makeup or heavy makeup. It is a must-have, but the glitter in this highlighter is a bit big and not very everyday. Sisters who like low-key should be cautious.

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