Which ZEESEA eyeshadow palette looks good and how to match it, let's take a look. - ZEESEA

Which ZEESEA eyeshadow palette looks good and how to match it, let's take a look.

Zeesa is an emerging brand of beauty makeup. It has created a strong wind in the beauty industry since its birth. Its eye shadow and isolation have been well received by many beauty bloggers. There are a total of four eyeshadow palettes, and many friends do not know how to choose. Let's take a look with me below.

1. Which ZEESEA eyeshadow palette looks good?

ZEESEA Egyptian Eyeshadow Palette is an eyeshadow that girls can't miss.

Just looking at the packaging design of this eyeshadow palette makes people very excited. It is a joint collaboration with the British Museum. The inspiration comes from the Egyptian cultural relics in the museum, and it seems to have a mysterious sense of Egyptian culture. In my hand, I always feel that this is a mystery with a story. The appearance is smooth and the weight is quite heavy. The plate is still a magnetic button switch. This packaging is estimated to cost a lot.

This eyeshadow palette has four shades, 01 Anderson Cat Palette, 02 Scarab, 03 PAPYRUS, 04 COBRA. Among these four shades, my favorite is the 01 Anderson Cat Sunset Palette. I use it to create eye makeup, which is really similar to cats. It's super pretty.

The color matching of this plate is more the route of sunset makeup. There are traditional earth colors, pink orange girly sweet colors, and light yellow matcha green. It is a very comprehensive eyeshadow palette. The silt is still very fine, as long as you don't use too much force, it generally won't fly. No matter which color it is, the color rendering is very high, the makeup effect is beautiful, and the cat's lazy and temperamental feeling is created. No. 01 is very versatile, it does not feel awkward in daily use, and the makeup effect is long-lasting. There are thousands of eyeshadows out there, this one is the best for me.


2. How to match the ZEESEA eyeshadow palette

Those who don’t know how to draw eye shadows have come to see it. Eye shadow is indeed a difficult makeup step to master, especially if you get a multi-color eye shadow palette, it will make people look dazzling. For example, the ZEESEA Egyptian eyeshadow palette below has 16 colors, and 16 colors can be said to be the most one of the eyeshadow palettes we usually use. Seeing so many colors, many people don't know how to start.

To paint a good-looking eye shadow first, you must first learn color matching. Today, I will share with you a universal eye shadow color matching formula, so that you who can't draw eye shadow will no longer be a handicapped party. If you want to match a good-looking eye makeup color, you must know how to stay away from color and learn to identify the hue circle. This is actually very similar to what we usually wear. Don't look at the 16 colors above, in fact, many of them belong to the same color. The same color refers to the colors that are within 15 degrees of each other on the hue circle. For example, dark brown, khaki, light brown, and then it is the earth color eye shadow. The peach blossom eye makeup that is popular for dating is also matched with the principle of light, medium and dark of the same color. When you first learn to draw eye shadow, you must start practicing with eye makeup of the same color, which is very safe and not easy to make mistakes. This 16-color eyeshadow palette that I recommend to everyone, although there are many colors, is very convenient to match. The first No. 01 sunset palette is the most suitable for getting started, and it is also very convenient and not obtrusive for normal use.

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