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Pseudo-plain makeup is amazing! An irresistible primer

It's almost summer, and I was quite annoyed with summer before.

Girls don’t have a good makeup experience in summer. The high temperature and humid environment make the base makeup easy to mottle and take off. It is best to have a relatively light and thin base makeup, which can prevent the embarrassing phenomenon of makeup removal, but the general oil control effect Very strong base makeup products will be very thick after being applied to the face, especially in summer when it is more stuffy.

If you want to keep your makeup natural, the base cream is actually better than most foundation products in this area. The most important thing is that the makeup application method is simple, and you can easily apply makeup without using products such as beauty sponges. In the morning, you only need to apply a base cream, which saves the step of applying makeup with a wet makeup sponge, which will definitely save time!

This method was taught by my best friend. I didn’t like to wear makeup in the summer before. I felt that after applying many layers of cosmetics on my face, the air permeability of the face would become poor and stuffy! There are some special occasions where it is inappropriate not to wear makeup! My best friend strongly recommended ZEESEA's foundation cream to me. It really works well after using it. It is not afraid of oily appearance. It saves time and is convenient.

I also specially spent a month to record the after-makeup effect.

Whenever I apply ZEESEA base cream and go out, someone praises my skin and looks good without makeup, and people around me can't tell that I have gone out with makeup, so I am now very dependent on this base cream. Fortunately, ZEESEA base cream is very cost-effective, and it doesn’t hurt to wipe your face every day. It’s cheap and easy to use. I really want to give it crazy support!

This isolation has three colors, namely purple, green and skin tone, and these three are also made for different skin types. Purple is more suitable for girls with yellowish complexion and dull face; green is more suitable for girls with reddish skin and acne marks; skin tone is more suitable for girls with fair skin and needs to create a natural makeup. Everyone should understand their own skin problems before choosing a barrier cream, so that they can create a more targeted "pseudo-plain" skin!

Taking myself as an example, my skin color is yellowish-white, with slight pores, but the redness of the face is more serious. First, use the purple base cream to partially cover the dark circles, and then use the green base cream to spread it on the face in a large area. My requirement for cosmetics is to be natural and docile. Too perfect makeup will make the whole face look "fake" and have a sense of distance, so the makeup effect of this base cream is just right for me. By the way, the ability to isolate and cover pores is also excellent. When applying makeup in other seasons, you must use nourishing isolation cream before foundation! Presents a "0 pore" natural makeup.

The composition of this barrier cream is also full of ingredients, adding star ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, rosemary, chamomile, centella asiatica, hyaluronic acid needless to say, rosemary has the effect of revitalizing, anti-aging, calming and anti-inflammatory , Centella asiatica can increase skin resistance, chamomile can prevent allergies, moisturize and anti-aging. It can be said that in addition to the amazing makeup effect, it also comes with the effect of nourishing the skin, and the sisters who are worried about sensitive can also rest assured!
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