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Best friends forever - foundation and compact powder

Nothing is worse than face makeup slipping off, especially in this mask-wearing season. Foundation and compact powder are the BFF in this scenario, because by using them together the face makeup lasts much longer. As the most used products in face makeup, it is vital to know what they do and how to use.


What are they?

  • The textures

Foundation is in liquid state while compact powder is formed by pressed or baked loose powder.


  • Thefunctions

Liquid foundation is mainly used to cover facial blemishes, adjust skin texture and even skin tone. Compact powder is mainly used to set makeup, touch-ups, reduce the shine, which allows the makeup stay refreshing and non-sticky.


  • The finishes

The liquid foundation is slightly moisturizing, spreadable and it virtually conceals, but it

will slip off when the T area gets oily.


Some compact powder can be used damped. After applying with wet powder puffs, the powder delivers a concealing effect. The translucent powder is designed to reduce shine, such as our Winged Deer Translucent Compact Powder, it delivers an instant blurring effect.


Chinese Phoenix Foundation

Do I need both?

Don’t separate the BFF!

Liquid foundation and compact powder are both base products, pair them up harmoniously to achieve a long-lasting flawless complexion.


First apply liquid foundation to even out skin tone and conceal imperfections, and then use powder to set makeup for long-wearing. Check out Palace Identity Full Coverage Base Kit for a flawless natural finish.

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