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Smoother skin than filters, ZEESEA ultra-long-lasting makeup powder

"Exquisite" is a kind of temperament that every woman yearns for. Even a small item must be carefully selected, not to mention the powder cake that every little fairy attaches great importance to. Pores can be "changed" like a skin peel, and such a good beauty product is shared with those with rough pores! Every gesture exudes the charming light of "Flower Fairy".

This compact powder can effectively solve the problem of oily skin and rough skin. It will not cause oily skin after makeup, and it will make the makeup more durable and docile. The water and oil of the skin will be balanced, and the pores and fine lines will also be hidden. It has a certain matte luster, and a variety of natural plant extracts are added, not only to complete the base makeup, but also to nourish the skin, making the face silky and supple.

The unique technology of grinding powder is used to make the powder more delicate, fit the skin, and the texture is very light, the makeup effect is very good, and it can last for a long time without taking off makeup. Effectively cleans and purifies the skin, removes turbidity from the pores and nourishes the skin, removes dullness, adjusts the skin tone and restores fairness. The makeup is applied evenly, not easy to agglomerate or floating powder, and the effect of isolation and oil control is good, making the makeup more refreshing and natural, and it is easy to have a soft nude makeup.

As the last step of makeup, setting makeup is very important. The fine powder is easy to spread, and a little bit of makeup brush can be used to complete the makeup. Excellent oil control ability is undoubtedly the savior of oily skin, and it can be used by all skin types. The flip cover has its own mirror, and with the combination of powder, it is more convenient to touch up makeup.

If you can’t bear the embarrassment of taking off your makeup, you have to do a good job of setting your makeup. ZEESEA’s nude powder is a good choice. When applied on the skin, it will not be fake white, but use the refraction of light to emit natural color and give the skin a soft feeling. The powder is light and thin, and fits the texture of the skin after makeup, without a heavy feeling, and it contains oil-controlling substances to bid farewell to the oily face after makeup.

No matter how delicate the makeup is, it will be tortured by the oily shine on the face. So if you want to look beautiful all day long, an oil-controlling powder foundation is essential.

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