In autumn and winter, let this natural creamy skin weld on the face😡It is ridiculously beautiful - ZEESEA

In autumn and winter, let this natural creamy skin weld on the face😡It is ridiculously beautiful

Why is such a good liquid foundation no one praised!

You don't brag, I'll brag, this is my favorite lately

Since the change of seasons and autumn, the skin has changed every day

Oily and dry for a while, but too picky about foundation!

I can't believe it 👉🏻ZEESEA Liquid Foundation

Can convince my hypocritical skin to serve

It's really a very moisturizing but very face-lifting liquid foundation that I rarely see.

The creamy muscle is like being welded to the face, and the face will not change for a day!

Directly open a new world of my base makeup!


Cream texture, silky smooth and delicate

Melt directly into the skin after pushing

It's light and sticky to the skin, almost no powdery feeling can be seen!

It's really amazing on the face🐮The slightly translucent creamy makeup effect

Super natural is to make people feel that the skin foundation is very good, not the foundation!

Concealer is also very powerful👍🏻

The pores, blemishes, redness and dullness on my face can be almost covered!

If there is a big flaw, you can partially cover it with another layer.

Don't worry about adding an extra layer

This superposition of several layers of powder is very weak!


✔A few days ago, I made an appointment with my sisters to go shopping + eat hot pot + watch a movie

Wearing makeup for nearly 10 hours and wearing a mask

I was shocked when I got home at night and looked in the mirror

After a day, I don't really get stuck and dull and take off makeup.

On the contrary, the skin is slightly oily, and the base makeup is more smooth and shiny✨

It is true that the night is more beautiful!

It comes in two shades to choose from according to your skin tone!

No matter the makeup feeling or the holding power, it is not worse than my big brand!

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