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Halloween is coming. Candy is not your only treat!

Enjoying your pumpkin latte? Halloween is coming before you know it. This year we don’t have to include fake blood and face paint, let’s try something minimalistic this year.


There are some Halloween looks are super quick and easy, and it doesn’t matter at all if it’s get bit messy.

It seems like you don’t need to be a makeup guru to pull off a Halloween look. For this soften version of joker, you simply need a lip stick and lots of blush.


After apply an extra amount of base products, buff Palace Identity Peony Blush  gorgeously on the apples. This time we need you to go heavy on the blush since it’s Halloween! Peony Blush is perfect to create this look for its coral-tone shade. Do your eyeshadow with this palette to blend the whole look.


Then it’s the fun part. Use Chinese Dragon Lipstick M01  true red to draw a fuller lips and stretch out the lines all the way up. Again, the lines don’t have to be symmetrical and neat. Remember to accent where you want to add bit more definition.



Who said the lipsticks are just for the lips?

Chinese Dragon Lipsticks #M11


Treat yourself with Palace Identity Peony Blush and Chinese Dragon Lipstick! Don’t forget to apply your 10% off code “sale10” when you purchase two items.

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