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Easy to create smooth skin makeup effect, ZEESEA Pressed Powder use evaluation

Base makeup is not only important for liquid foundation, but also for pressed powder. No one wants to have a greasy face when going out, it’s so embarrassing! Loose powder and pressed powder I prefer pressed powder, loose powder does not have much effect on my skin, and loose powder is not convenient to touch up makeup when I go out, so I am used to using pressed powder!

The ZEESEA oil-controlling powder that I bought recently won my heart! Not only does it have a good skin smoothing effect, but it also has a great effect in controlling oil and setting makeup! And it also has a little concealer effect, which is very suitable for me. Even when I am too lazy to put on makeup, I can use it to brighten my complexion, and go out with confidence, which makes me feel good!

The powder quality of the powder is extremely fine, and the face has a matte feeling, which is amazing! It's like turning on the filter and exfoliating the skin. The acne marks and small closed mouths on the skin can almost be hidden, and the skin is so tender that even the pores are almost invisible. When I saw my sisters, they all said that I have taken good care of myself recently, and they didn’t know that it was all because of ZEESEA’s oil-controlling powder!

The appearance is also very good-looking, with a sense of high-end, the pink color can exude a colorful luster in the sun, and it is very fashionable when it is taken out to touch up makeup. The key point is that the powder is also very fine, there is no fake white feeling of floating powder on the face, the built-in powder puff is very easy to use, and the makeup method of pressing can be easily done, and there is no need for frequent touch-ups, and the long-lasting effect is very good.

The most important thing is that this powder has the effect of oil control and moisturizing. It can not only avoid oily makeup, but also moisturize and moisturize the skin. It kills two birds with one stone. It is so easy to use! After the box was empty, I decided to repurchase two boxes at once. I like this simple way of applying makeup, and the key concealer effect is also good. How can a girl not want to look beautiful every day?

Summary: Girls with dry skin and combination dry skin must use it. It can not only control oil, but also have a long-lasting makeup effect. You can confidently "beautify" the whole day without fear of makeup when you go out for a long time. Hurry up and send it Give my sister two boxes!
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