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Liquid liner dried out? Why and how to solve it?

After using for a short while, you found the recently purchased eyeliner pen does not provide that constant flow the advertisement promised? You can shake it out but the liner pen still gets gloppy? The lifespan of liner pens are so short?


Actually, we don’t need to chuck them as soon as they do not flow. Now we are going to show you why this happened and how to save your liquid liner pens.


1.In contact with oil-based skincare products?

As people become more aware of skin care, pre-makeup protection is no longer neglected. But only a few people know the oil eye creams contain can affect the flow of liquid liner. So if you have oily lids, bear in mind to let the eye skincare product to be fully absorbed before you draw the liner.

2.In contact with powder makeup?

It’s more than likely that eyeliner is the last step in eye makeup routine, which means the foundation and eyeshadow could clot up the tips. That’s why makeup artists always recommend you to set the makeup first, and draw the liner on dry skin.

3.Is the cap fastened after each use?

After each use, fasten the cap! This is because some film formers are added in liquid liner to ensure a prolonged wearing. When they are exposed in the air, the tips will form a waterproof film to stuck the ink flow.


Fairy Deer Liquid Eyeliner Pencil


Here are the solutions to save your liquid liner pens!

1.Give it a good rinse

Regularly wash the tips with warm water and dry with a napkin. Put the cap back on and place it tip-side down, then run the tip on the back of your hand until the ink flow.

2.Shake shake shake

With the cap on, tip-side down, give it a good shake till the liquid is flowing to the tip-side. Then always place the liner pens tip-side down and put the cap on after each use.

3.A thorough clean

Check if there is clots on the felt-tip or the brush-tip. The fast-drying liquid liner pens are likely to form gel substance. Scrape the clots and gel on the tip so it should provide that constant flow.

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