How about ZEESEA black tube lipstick? Which color is better? Comment and share - ZEESEA

How about ZEESEA black tube lipstick? Which color is better? Comment and share

        "The most important thing in the pursuit of beauty is not when to start, but where to start." It is with this belief that ZEESEA, a charming and unique fashion makeup brand, was officially born.

        ZEESEA takes high-end skin care products and high-quality makeup as its main products, keeps up with European and American makeup fashion, and continuously develops and creates products that are more suitable for the skin of Asian women. It is committed to creating new fashion makeup trends for all beauty-loving girls. A good fashion skin care and makeup brand. Today we will mainly take a look at how about ZEESEA black tube lipstick? Which color is better?

         The minimalist square design is minimalist without any complexity. The velvety touch of this lipstick is very moisturizing, and it is easy to color without clumping. Although it is a lipstick, it is very moisturizing like a lipstick. It does not show lip lines and does not feel dry after application, and has good covering power. Even a baby with a darker lip color can control it. The most important thing is that the color is long-lasting, it will not take off the makeup easily, and the price is very high.

        This lipstick has natural moisturizing and repairing ingredients, which can effectively lock the moisture of the lips. Vitamin E injects the nutrients you need into your lips, effectively diluting lip lines, and beeswax ingredients help repair subcutaneous tissue and reduce lip problems~

ZEESEA black tube lipstick popular color recommendation

813 maple leaf color: thin, orange, thick and brown, all kinds of skin tones can  be HOLD, there is no pressure on plain makeup, yellow-skinned girls can also close their eyes

803 Burgundy Color: It can be thick or light, it looks white and looks good and everyday. Compared with the poisonous Aunty color, this one is a bit more bean paste, and it is not abrupt at all for daily application. The thin coating is a moist and white ox blood color. It is the color of the royal sister and aunt with a long aura. And the lipstick is very moisturizing, it will not show lip lines on the mouth, moisturizing but not greasy

812 Tomato Color: The color of this lipstick is very similar to a big tomato, water red and water red, very beautiful. If you apply it thickly, it will be thicker, and the yellow skin will look especially bright! Even a plain face can be easily controlled!

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